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ONE GROVE is a specialist Pilates studio with Reformer/Equipment, Mat & Seated Pilates, Barre, HIIT Reformer and Yoga classes.

Based in Central Cheltenham, adjacent to Waitrose, we are simple to find and easy to fit in to your day.

Whether you are 12 or 80 you are welcome at One Grove. We are inclusive in our embrace and exclusive in our approach.


Our initiative of elite Pilates instructors and Yoga teachers have created an uplifting environment for intelligent exercise.

We aim to inspire everyone to better movement and health, optimised by Physiotherapist input.

Yoga and Pilates are powerful tools for a stronger, leaner and more functional body.

Both disciplines are ageless and genderless and both practices complement each other.


‘We are not a Gym – We are an Education’


Why are we unique?

No Termly Commitments– just book a space- online or with us- over 25 Reformer/Cadillac classes each week

Mix & Match Classes– Yoga, Mat Pilates, JUMP Reformer Express or Barre – choose any class at the same price

ALWAYS Small Group Training– for individual care and attention- only found at One Grove

Dedicated Pilates Instructors– who undergo continual first class international training

The option of Physiotherapy Input– for optimal rehab/pre-hab


‘We provide Intelligent Exercise, You achieve Profound Results’

ONE GROVE has three airy Studios and one Consulting room

a beautiful Top floor group class yoga, Pilates mat & barre studio- with a full cadillac and reformer for private clients;

one fully equipped Pilates Classroom studio for four participants, each incorporating a reformer, half cadillac, Arcus and arc barrel;

and one mixed equipment Pilates studio with two long-length rehab height reformers, half cadillacs and split-pedal chairs.

Our Consulting room and treatment area is in a calming loft space for our physiotherapists and massage therapists.

We also have plenty of chill-out room for everybody after-class.

Email us or call 255 111 to find out how you can benefit from One Grove


HIIT- use science to maximise fitness

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training is ultra-efficient. It’s hard and it hurts but it’s over with pretty quickly. And the benefits are brilliant for the amount of time spent training. HIIT is quick bursts of extreme physical exertion. Simple movements...

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NEPA – your New Year revolution

NEPA- you need to know about it. It will revolutionise the way you think about your fitness. I have been touting my sprightly grandmother’s good fitness regimen for years. Has she ever visited a gym? Nope. Is she as fit as a fiddle at nearly 90 years old? Yep!...

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Osteoporosis- how Pilates can help

Oct 20th is World Osteoporosis Day It’s World Osteoporosis Day today so we thought we would pen a quick draft about how some of our clients have increased their bone mass density through careful Pilates practice. Why schedule a day for osteoporosis? Well, this...

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Pilates Equipment Classes

Based on simple but smart principles, Pilates Reformer and Equipment classes give profound results. And as you will only ever have three others with you, it’s always personalised group training.

We train you across the full range of exercises that fine-tune your mechanics and challenge your dynamics, whether you are an athlete or a first-timer. It’s always fun.

Pilates Mat & Barre Classes

Our Pilates floor-based Mat classes and standing Barre classes use a specialised range of balls, bands, rollers, barrels and other small equipment that are exclusive to dedicated Pilates studios.

With plenty of mirrors to guide you into position, these classes are your first step to a strong, supple and balanced body.

JUMP HIIT Express classes

JUMP HIIT Express classes are demanding cardio-vascular workouts that we offer seasonally on the timetable. Excellent for Ski fitness, Jump Express classes use the Reformer jump board for high intensity interval training.

Private & Rehab Sessions

Equipment-based Pilates is a preferred method of rehabilitation by medical professionals worldwide. As an adaptable and non-impact form of exercise, tailored Pilates sessions are ideal for those in pain, pre- or post-surgery or suffering chronic injuries.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a physical practice through a variety of poses and sequences which simultaneously releases tension and focuses concentration. Our Yoga classes offer a wealth of benefits: physically, emotionally and mentally. You should feel youthful and reinvigorated, calmer and stronger after class.


Yoga and Pilates suit any age- it’s never too late to start! ONE GROVE’s Gentle classes are directed towards older adults who have grown out of the high street gym environment. With our range of equipment and props, we can make you comfortable exercising and then challenge you to stay.


Pre & Post Natal

We welcome Pre & Post Natal clients but as every body and every pregnancy is different, talk to us before you come in! We always want to encourage your fitness and to maintain your health simultaneously but this balance is finer when you are having or have had a baby.

Click through to see our general recommendations.


Two highly experienced physiotherapists, Katie and Philippa, treat clients from One Grove. Both are advanced musculoskeletal practitioners and acupuncturists with a valued hands-on approach. They are skilled at diagnoses and will directly advise One Grove’s Pilates instructors on specifically tailoring your exercise sessions to suit your remedial needs, if you so wish.

Massage & Well Being

Regular massage helps alleviate muscular pain and improve range of motion. Research is also showing that physical contact can stimulate the immune system, lessen depression and lower blood pressure. Charlotte offers various styles of full body or head/shoulder massage at ONE GROVE according to your needs.



Here is our upcoming program for one-off workshops at One Grove. Each workshop focuses on educating your body to an improved position of strength and efficiency.


Read what some of our lovely clients have to say about us:

It wasn’t until I started doing Pilates that I actually started to understand my body. It reaches far beyond the excellent weekly sessions in that, whatever I’m doing, I am much more conscious about how I move my body. My posture is better, my gait is better. My body looks better and it feels stronger.

With a busy work and travel schedule Pilates sessions are a much needed workout. The Reformer is a fantastic way to work key muscle groups without high impact intensity and a unique way to build core strength.

Pilates has given me more strength, stability and body confidence than I ever thought possible. The equipment has helped me to learn more about my body’s capabilities so that I can counteract any weaknesses, allowing me to live life to the fullest.

Pilates has helped me to become more supple and more aware of my body posture. Moreover my back issues have improved as my core muscles have developed.

As well as strengthening my body, my emotional state is also strengthened.  I cannot recommend Yoga highly enough, it has transformed me!

My sessions leave me feeling completely invigorated, I have a strengthened core, improved flexibility and good postural alignment. Each class gives me a strong sense of well being and even after surgeries & a recent long absence, I have been able to return to my sessions and see results within a few weeks.

After starting Yoga, I quickly noticed improvement in both my flexibility and core stability, which has definitely improved my performance in other sports, including my triathlon training.

Pilates is the exercise I look forward to every week. Being made aware of the muscles we use, the importance of keeping them active resulting in more flexibility, stability & strength makes Pilates the best form of exercise I have experienced.

Our needs were carefully assessed, we are monitored session by session, and our goals are adjusted as we progress- and we have certainly seen progression! A friendly, enjoyable and appropriately challenging environment.

Everybody’s body is different and through Yoga I have definitely begun to love and appreciate my body more. I am for ever thankful to the adaptability of Yoga, allowing all ages to enjoy it.


The Team

Every teacher and therapist at ONE GROVE partners in the running of the studios and develops what we can bring to you. We all have internationally recognised certifications, specialist knowledge in our fields and a desire to promote your well-being.

Lucy Whitehead

Lucy Whitehead

Studio Owner

Lucy is a highly experienced Pilates and BootyBarre instructor and an Oxford graduate. She left a career in the City to gain a wide range of fitness qualifications from back pain specialist to children’s exercise instructor.

Lucy is a certified advanced STOTT Pilates teacher and Level 4 fitness instructor and Back Specialist and has trained in all Pilates Equipment and injury types across different federations in the UK, USA and South Africa for breadth of knowledge in human movement dynamics. She has been teaching Pilates for 13 years.

Lucy receives referrals from GPs and consultants, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths for rehabilitation work.

Lucy loves: Skiing- snow and water!

Jojo Stephenson

Jojo Stephenson

Pilates Manager & Personal Trainer

Jojo’s love and appreciation for both general fitness and precise movement started early, with classical ballet training in Toronto, Canada. This dual passion for technique-driven exercise and a good old-fashioned workout is reflected in her STOTT certified teachings of Mat and Reformer Pilates and Barre movement.

Jojo is equally happy helping you recover from injury or, as a Personal Trainer, will push you to achieve your fitness goals. Jojo has been teaching for 12 years.

Jojo has a strong belief in the age old ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ motto and has shared this with her clients over the past 13 years. Jojo is also an equestrian specialist.

Jojo loves: Antique jewellery

Alex Iliopoulos

Alex Iliopoulos

Pilates Instructor & Pre/PostNatal specialist

Alex is a trained dancer, mid-wife and Pilates teacher! She was introduced to Pilates by the ‘fore-father’ of British Pilates, Alan Herdman, whilst she was at Dance School and she was immediately transformed as a performer through her Pilates practice- having more control, precision and range.

Our most experienced instructor, Alex has been teaching Pilates for 15 years. Having had her own Pilates studio in Greece, Alex has now moved to Cheltenham to use her extensive rehabilitation and fitness knowledge at One Grove. She is trained across all the Equipment including Reformer, Cadillac and Chair as well as in midwifery.

Alex loves: Empty beaches

Frankie Street

Frankie Street

Yoga Manager & Pilates Instructor

Frankie first came to yoga as a way to counteract the hours spent hunched over a computer at work and playing sport, but it had such a profound effect on her that she decided to take herself to India to embark on her first teacher training. Frankie is a certified advanced yoga teacher, who bases her classes around correct alignment and building a good relationship between strength and flexibility… not just turning people into pretzels!

Since moving to Cheltenham from London, Frankie has trained in Mat and Reformer Pilates with STOTT Pilates too. This means that she can readily marry the precision of Pilates into the freedom of Yoga.

Frankie loves: Strong coffee

Corina Wood

Corina Wood

Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer

Corina was introduced to Pilates 20 years ago whilst working as a Personal Trainer in Hong Kong and she used Pilates to strengthen her body and increase her sense of well-being after having children. Corina received her certification as a Pilates Mat Instructor with Marie-Jose Blom in California, has taught Pilates in Tokyo and Bali but now lives and works in Cheltenham- a true international Pilateer!

Corina is enriching her qualifications by pursuing a certification in all Pilates Equipment Apparatus with the Pilates Method Alliance accredited Polestar Training in London which finishes in early 2018.

Corina loves- Asian Cuisine

Charlotte Coates

Charlotte Coates

Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

Charlotte wears two hats at One Grove- as a holistic therapist and as a Yoga teacher.

Reflexology, Indian Head massage, Sports massage and Swedish massage (lymphatic drainage)- Charlotte is a gentle but strong practitioner who is able to treat you in a range of fashion according to what most nourishes your body.

Charlotte was introduced to yoga as an addition to her weekly fitness routine.  She soon realised that it not only had positive physical effects, but also mental and emotional.  Now as a trained Yoga teacher, Charlotte develops her classes to create the relationship between finding stillness in poses, and making the body move to develop strength.

Charlotte loves: Diva dancing

Katie Foster

Katie Foster


Katie is one of Gloucestershire’s leading private Physiotherapists. She is Head Physio for the Cheltenham Running Club and works with weekend warriors and Olympic athletes alike (she is a former British sprinter herself). ‘Expert, insightful, educational and successful’ – Katie is a natural fit with our team and will be sharing her professional assessments with us to maximise your rehab in classes.

Katie loves: Bare-foot running

Philippa Sawtell

Philippa Sawtell

Physiotherapist & Pilates Teacher

Philippa is a highly skilled Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor. She has over 10 years of experience working in London in a wide range of departments from amputees to intensive care and finally specialising in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Philippa has a keen interest in people. Her passion is to make a difference to her patients and give her patients the best treatment that they deserve. This led her to complete a postgraduate diploma in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, become an Acupuncture Practitioner and a Clinical Pilates Instructor.

Pippa loves: Sea air when sailing

Cath Colquhoun

Cath Colquhoun

Reception & Pilates Teacher

Cath is a STOTT and REPS Level 3 qualified Mat Pilates instructor working towards her exam certification. She is also GP referral trained. She joins the team at One Grove on Wednesdays on Reception and then in our instructor training sessions each week. She teaches elsewhere in Gloucestershire and we hope to have her instruct at One Grove soon!

Cath loves: Countryside runs
Stacie Rae

Stacie Rae

Reception & Yoga Teacher

Stacie is a criminologist, a nutritionist-in-training and a yoga teacher. She also manages a yoga studio in Newport. We are lucky that she finds time to work on our Reception every Thursday and Friday.
Stacie loves- Australia!
Evelyn Cribbin

Evelyn Cribbin

Yoga Teacher

Evelyn fell in love with the mind, body and spirit connection she found through yoga and was inspired to deepen her knowledge and travel to Bali to do a 200-hour teacher training, and Costa Rica to do an advanced Jivamukti teacher training with Sharon Gannon and David Life. Evelyn has also recently trained in Yin yoga.

Her classes inspire you to create balance, challenging you outside your comfort zone but also allowing time to restore and rejuvenate.

Evelyn loves: Homemade smoothies

Beth Redshaw

Beth Redshaw

Reception & Pilates Teacher

Beth has always been interested in sports, fitness and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Since moving from New Zealand to Cheltenham she was introduced to Pilates training just over a year ago. Through Pilates she has learnt how to strengthen and realign her body and the overall benefits of regular Pilates sessions. This has now developed into training to become a STOTT certified Pilates instructor.
Beth Loves: Walks with her dog Pogo.
Luci Thrush

Luci Thrush

Reception & Pilates Teacher

After climbing the corporate ladder in New Zealand for ten years, Luci packed her bags and moved over to the UK to follow her husband’s professional rugby career. Luci was introduced to the benefits of Pilates through her hubby and decided to train as an instructor herself when she caught the ‘One Grove’ bug! She is a health and fitness devotee and is working towards her exam certification after training with STOTT.

Luci loves: Travelling the Mediterranean



We have an array of pricing options to choose from depending upon your attendance. You can choose to either pay online or when you come in to the studio.


View our timetable, sign up for a class or waitlist for a space.

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You can book for all group classes, Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre as well as Equipment group classes online.

Semi-private and private appointments and initial sessions must be booked directly by telephone or email.


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ONE GROVE – 1 Grove Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3LZ

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