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Private, Duo & Rehab Sessions

You may want to book a Private Appointment with one of our team if there is a very specific exercise goal you have in mind. You may be recovering from illness or surgery or have an athletic challenge you wish to meet.

Because we keep all our class sizes small, you will be well-catered for in our group environments but we do insist on meeting everyone in a private context first for Pilates Equipment sessions. We might advise you to join one of our Rehab Sessions. This is where one instructor works on different exercises with up to four clients- so you share a personalised experience. The instructor will set up your exercise, cue you through it and then move to the next person whilst you practice the sensations through your body. This is the more economical option if you are unable to join one of our Gentle classes owing to health reasons but unable to invest in private appointments.

Private appointments and Semi-Private Appointments (where you share your time with a friend/partner) can only be booked directly with the studios. Send us an email and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.