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ONE GROVE is a specialist Cheltenham Pilates Rehabilitation & Fitness studio with Reformers, Equipment, Clinical In-studio classes & Virtual Mat Pilates classes.

Based adjacent to Waitrose, our dedicated team of Cheltenham Pilates professionals can help you optimise your health and fitness.

Whether you are 14 or 90 you are welcome at One Grove. We are inclusive in our embrace and exclusive in our approach.

**COVID** MAY 2021

We are in the studio for private and household sessions with each client having their own private well-ventilated studio to work in. Equipment classes recommence on May 17th.

Our Pilates equipment is fully disinfected between every client. 

We are running a timetable of VIRTUAL Pilates Mat, Yoga & Breathwork classes as well as 1-1 private online sessions via Zoom.


Boutique Private Spaces– we have airy fully-equipped studios with large communal areas for ease of distancing and safety

Small Group Training– for highly individualised care and attention- we put client education and welfare before profitability

Dedicated Pilates Instructors– certified and registered, annually training world-wide, to form the MOST experienced team in Cheltenham

Sports Specific– golfers, runners, equestrians, skiers, tennis players, rugby players. We have trained all manner of elite athletes.

Multidisciplinary Experts– from Parkinson’s to spinal issues, from polymyalgia to hip disfunction, from pregnancy to cancers, our instructors have trained across all the clinically-based Pilates programmes available to know your needs

In-house Physiotherapy– we work with Katie Foster Physiotherapy, also based at One Grove, to determine best exercise protocol

Direct liaison with Medical practitioners– your GPs, consultants & health workers directly refer to us for seamless recoveries in our Rehab Pilates studio



‘We provide Intelligent Exercise, You achieve Profound Results’

with One Grove Cheltenham Reformer Pilates for Rehabilitation and Fitness.

Our collective of elite Cheltenham Pilates instructors have created an uplifting environment for intelligent exercise.

We educate you in better movement and health, focussing on each client individually.

We teach either privately or in small groups for optimal results that you and others will notice.

Pilates is ageless and genderless and leads to youthful, strong and easy movement and a sense of empowerment.

One Grove

ONE GROVE has four studios with dedicated instructors available Mon-Sat.  

You will use a Pilates Reformer plus Cadillac Tower in all the classes you attend with us.

Our Pilates equipment also includes rehabilitation tools exclusive to us in the Cotswolds for the ultimate Cotswolds Pilates experience.

Email us to find out how you can benefit from One Grove, Cheltenham Pilates Reformer Rehabilitation and Fitness specialists.

We are happy to answer any questions or to chat on the phone before you come in for a mandatory introductory session at £40.

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Pilates Equipment Classes

Based on simple but smart principles, Pilates Reformer and Equipment classes give profound results. And as you will only ever have three others with you, it’s always personalised group training.

We train you across the full range of exercises that fine-tune your mechanics and challenge your dynamics, whether you are an athlete or a first-timer. It’s always fun.

COVID- from 12 April 2021, we are only teaching 1-1 and family groups of up to four.

Pilates Mat Classes

Our Pilates floor-based Mat classes and seated & standing Chair classes use a specialised range of balls, bands, rollers, barrels and other small equipment that are exclusive to dedicated Pilates studios. 

These classes are your first step to a strong, supple and balanced body. Our elite Pilates instructors only ever teach personally to small numbers of students so that you have full oversight and can be safely guided through each workout.

At the moment these classes are VIRTUAL only. So you can do them via Zoom online.


Private and Rehab Sessions

Equipment Pilates (sometimes just refered to as Reformer Pilates) is a preferred method of rehabilitation by medical professionals worldwide. As an adaptable and non-impact form of exercise, tailored Pilates sessions are ideal for those in pain, pre- or post-surgery or suffering chronic injuries. People suffering pathologies such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Immune System disorders as well as people undergoing cancer treatments also enjoy the non-impact strength of Pilates workouts. If you contracted COVID, we will help you recover from fatigue, muscle weaknesses and diminished breathing capability.

COVID- from 12 April 2021 we are running in studio Cheltenham Pilates sessions for individuals and households. We also provide VIRTUAL 1-1 sessions online via Zoom.



Pilates suits any age- it’s never too late to start! Our Gentle Mat Pilates and Gentle Pilates Equipment classes are directed towards older adults who have grown out of the high street gym environment. With our range of equipment and props, we can make you comfortable exercising and then challenge you to stay.

Pilates for the over 60s, Pilates for the over 70s, Pilates for the over 80s, Pilates for the over 90s- we are just waiting for our senior exercisers to get us into teaching them into their hundreds! (There’s a Pilates pun in that..)


Pre and Post Natal

We welcome Pre & Post Natal clients into our classes but as every body and every pregnancy is different, talk to us before you come in! We always want to encourage your fitness and to maintain your health simultaneously but this balance is finer when you are having or have had a baby. Because we only run small classes, you are safe and fully over-seen at One Grove.

Every instructor is pre- and post-natal exercise qualified and our Cheltenham Pilates team includes a trained midwife and physiotherapist.

Click through to see our general recommendations.

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Had Covid and still suffering? How One Grove can help.

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Read what some of our lovely clients have to say about us:

It wasn’t until I started doing Pilates that I actually started to understand my body. It reaches far beyond the excellent weekly Virtual sessions in that, whatever I’m doing, I am much more conscious about how I move my body. My posture is better, my gait is better. My body looks better and it feels stronger.

With a busy work and travel schedule Pilates sessions are a much needed workout. The Pilates Reformer is a fantastic way to work key muscle groups without high impact intensity and a unique way to build core strength.

Pilates has given me more strength, stability and body confidence than I ever thought possible. The Pilates equipment has helped me to learn more about my body’s capabilities so that I can counteract any weaknesses, allowing me to live life to the fullest.

Pilates has helped me to become more supple and more aware of my body posture. Moreover my back issues have improved as my core muscles have developed.

My Pilates sessions leave me feeling completely invigorated, I have a strengthened core, improved flexibility and good postural alignment. Each Pilates Reformer class gives me a strong sense of well being and even after surgeries & a recent long absence, I have been able to return to my sessions and see results within a few weeks.

Pilates is the exercise I look forward to every week. Being made aware of the muscles we use, the importance of keeping them active resulting in more flexibility, stability & strength makes Reformer Pilates the best form of exercise I have experienced.

Our needs were carefully assessed, we are monitored session by session, and our goals are adjusted as we progress- and we have certainly seen progression! A friendly, enjoyable and appropriately challenging environment.

The Team

Every teacher and therapist at ONE GROVE partners in the running of the studios and develops what we can bring to you. We all have internationally recognised certifications, specialist knowledge in our fields and a desire to promote your well-being.

Lucy Whitehead

Lucy Whitehead

Lead Pilates Instructor & Studio Owner

Lucy is a highly experienced senior level Pilates, Barre and Yoga instructor, an instructor trainer and an Oxford graduate. She left a professional career in finance to devote herself to educating people in their movement and immerses herself in study to stay abreast of orthopaedic issues.

Lucy is a certified Advanced STOTT Pilates teacher and Level 4 Fitness Instructor and Back Care Specialist and has certified in all Pilates Equipment and injury types across different federations in the UK, USA and South Africa for breadth of knowledge in human movement dynamics. She is trained in numerous neurological, oncological and joint specialisations for Pilates rehabilitation and has trained elite athletes across numerous sports.

Lucy is qualified to receive referrals from GPs and consultants, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths for rehabilitation work. She has been teaching Pilates in Cheltenham for nearly 15 years.

Lucy loves: Skiing- snow and water!

Katie Foster

Katie Foster

Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Katie is an insightful and highly experienced physiotherapist who rapidly diagnoses and successfully treats a broad range of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Her Cheltenham Physiotherapy private practice is based at One Grove where she uses her post-graduate specialist training in biomechanics, assessments and manual therapy to quickly determine your issues and to treat you from head to toe.

As a qualified swimming and running coach, she also works alongside Cheltenham Running Club to correct poor patterning before injuries arise. And, of course, she advises the instructors at One Grove to create the best exercise rehabilitation protocols for you in a clinical Pilates setting.

Katie loves: Ice Hockey

Alex Iliopoulos

Alex Iliopoulos

Pilates Instructor & Pre/PostNatal specialist

Alex is a trained dancer, mid-wife and Pilates guru. She was personally chosen to train in Pilates by the ‘fore-father’ of British Pilates, Alan Herdman, and has taught everyone from royalty to novices to understand that movement is medicine.

Having introduced Pilates to Athens’ gyms and run her own Pilates studio near Olympia, Alex moved to the UK to use her extensive rehabilitation and fitness knowledge exclusively at One Grove. She is trained across all the Pilates Equipment including Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Chair as well as in Eric Franklin’s breathing and cueing disciplines. She is a spinal and neurological Pilates specialist and is affiliated with the BASI training body for Pilates in Cheltenham.

Alex loves: Empty beaches

Claire Dickson

Claire Dickson

Pilates Instructor Mentor

Claire entered the fitness field through dance, qualifying as a PT/Fitness Instructor Trainer in the UK & Australia with three Specialty Awards from the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Her focus naturally progressed to Pilates and she certified in 1999 with Michael King Pilates (then Pilates Institute, the first in the UK). In her distinguished career, Claire ultimately rose to become a Pilates Mentor for new instructors with Polestar Pilates, training them across the whole body of Pilates Equipment work. She is also a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist.

For (nearly) 30 years she taught in Hong Kong and managed her own successful studio. Claire also worked alongside health care professionals to bring about the best programs for back and joint care, focusing on pain prevention and injury rehab. And she taught in prestigious maternity hospitals such as The Matilda Hospital as a Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise specialist. She is now back in her home town working exclusively at One Grove Cheltenham Pilates.

Claire loves: Travel and Thailand

Alicia Deveney

Alicia Deveney

Pilates Instructor

From Vogue to One Grove – having spent more than 15 years in the world of magazines and travel writing as an editor and journalist, Alicia has career pivoted from words to wellness. Having successfully completed Polestar’s Gateway and Principles courses, Alicia chose to partake in the gold-standard ‘Comprehensive’ route to teaching, which trains instructors on all pieces of equipment across the entire Pilates repertoire and is one of the most rigourous training courses world-wide.

Passionate about movement as medicine, Alicia is scaffolding her learning with an Advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy certificate from the Jing Institute; and has undertaken extensive Franklin Method® pelvic floor training. A firm believer in the mind-body connection, she also engaged in Elizabeth Bussey’s Physiological Fitness training for teachers.


Alicia loves: Bengal cats, coffee & musicals

Frankie Street

Frankie Street

Yoga Manager & Pilates Instructor

Frankie first came to yoga as a way to counteract the hours spent hunched over a computer at work and playing sport, but it had such a profound effect on her that she decided to take herself to India to embark on her first teacher training. Frankie is a certified advanced yoga teacher, who bases her classes around correct alignment and building a good relationship between strength and flexibility… not just turning people into pretzels!

Since moving from London to join our Cheltenham Pilates team, Frankie has trained and certified in Reformer Pilates with STOTT Pilates and other Equipment Pilates associations. This means that she can readily marry the precision of Pilates into the freedom of Yoga.

Frankie loves: Strong coffee

Lily Whitehead

Lily Whitehead

Yoga Teacher & Fitness Instructor

Lily trained to be a Fitness Instructor at the age of 16 alongside sitting her GCSEs. She trained in Zumba at sixth form and became a certified Yoga Instructor in her Gap Year. She now teaches Yoga at The University of Warwick, where she studies Modern Languages, as well as helping at One Grove with reception, social media and client administration.  

Lily seeks to inspire her peers, particularly in the worlds of extreme sports, including wake boarding and motocross, to understand their bodies and uses both Yoga and Pilates to prevent injury and enhance sporting performance. 

Lily loves: Adrenaline sports


We have an array of pricing options to choose from depending upon your attendance. You can choose to either pay online or when you come in to the studio.


View our timetable, sign up for a class or waitlist for a space.

Book Online

You can book for all group classes, Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre as well as Equipment group classes online.

Semi-private and private appointments and initial sessions must be booked directly by telephone or email.


What are the opening times? Where do I park? What do I bring? All these questions answered and more.


1 Grove Street

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ONE GROVE – 1 Grove Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3LZ

Hire our Top Studio from £25 per hour.

Create bespoke classes for Hen Parties and Events in the Cotswolds.

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Sat: 0800-1200

ONE GROVE LTD ceased trading on 15/06/20. The company is now run by Sole Trader Lucy Whitehead T/A One Grove.




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