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If you consider that when you stand you load your spine 100% but when you sit you load it 150%, it’s no surprise that over three quarters of British adults suffer from episodes of back pain.

When you work in a desk job, you are paid to be immobile for two thirds of your waking hours. And all that sitting and loading the spine unduly is causing chronic back pain issues in our population. (We won’t discuss ‘iPhone neck’ and related upper back problems in this blog)

If you want to be free of your back pain, you have to re-look at building your movement patterns both within and around the spine. And this what Pilates excels at doing for you. Even if you have to continue bashing away at your desk when you aren’t in class at One Grove

The Times has written about the value of Pilates and Yoga in this article, below, which correctly dismisses using pain relief as a solution to back pain, and encourages movement through Pilates and Yoga instead. Remember NSAIDS only correct the symptoms but not the problem. (Make sure you do take pain relief though- you need to calm down your neural responses else it may make your situation worse).

If you don’t address how you move, you won’t ever break the pain cycle…… You might make a chiropractor wealthy though!!

Anti-inflammatory pills, such as ibuprofen, are widely used for back pain but scientists have found that it makes very little difference.

Posted by The Times and The Sunday Times on Friday, February 3, 2017

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