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Baffled by Pilates mania?

Leafing through the Sunday Times Style magazine today, two interviewees casually mentioned their reliance upon Pilates for their mental and physical well-being including cover star super model Lara Stone. But are you someone who just doesn’t get why Pilates is so highly favoured as an exercise regime?

You may have tried to understand the Pilates magic before and failed.

For example, have you laid down on a dusty hall floor with a small mat for company and been bored to death with a bit of slow foot waggling? Or have you been in a sea of gym attendees in a gym Pilates class environment doing endless sit-ups and actually hurt your back? Or have you worked out with an instructor who says they know Pilates when actually they have just attended a day course and are throwing in a couple of exercises without knowing why? Or, even worse, do you think it is just for girls?? (nb. on this last matter, read our Blog: Pilates- it’s a man’s sport)

In any of these instances, you haven’t met real Pilates.

And even if you do mat Pilates, if you haven’t been on the Pilates Equipment then you haven’t even scratched the surface of the world of Pilates.

Ninety percent of the Pilates repertoire is carried out on the Equipment.

Pilates Equipment includes Reformers (sliding carriages with spring weights), Towers and Cadillacs (uprights fixings for trapeze bars, tension springs, handles and swinging bars), Arcuses (curved wooden bows for shoulder stabilisation), Chairs (sprung boxes with handles for parallel bar style arm work and leg work) and Barrels (rounded surfaces at various heights for spine correction and abdominal challenges).

The beauty of the Equipment is that it is VARIED and VARIABLE. This means it’s suitable for everyone from high-level athletes to people recovering from strokes and re-learning movement patterns- and everyone in between! And its fun- you don’t get bored- theres always something else to try. Also the ability to exercise on Equipment without loading the joints is paramount- this means that injured or just plain old tired bodies can strengthen and work without risking further damage.

At One Grove we have a range of top-class Pilates Equipment taught by highly trained instructors.

You can work out as you would with a Personal Trainer- in a one-to-one environment. Or you can join one of our small group training classes of no more than four people at any one time, still for individual care but in a more affordable format. Either way, to experience real Pilates- to really GET IT– you will need to book a private introduction session.


And the good news is that this is HALF PRICE this JULY & AUGUST at One Grove. Now only £20 for a private 45min introductory workout on the Pilates Equipment.

Why not book your slot today for your private Pilates Equipment intro? Remember you’ll need this to be able to join the timetabled classes. And note that we don’t hold you to a termly fixed schedule. You pay as you go (or save money by buying blocks of 6 or 12 classes) and manage your own schedule on our easy-to-use App or website.

CONTACT US TODAY to book your HALF PRICE Equipment Pilates intro- use the form below to let us know when you could come in and we’ll see what slots we have left.

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