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Our One Grove Yoga Manager, Frankie, talks Teen Yoga…

‘We all know the benefits of yoga on our mind and body – calmer mind, longer and stronger muscles that are more resilient to injury – but the number of adults I teach who talk about how they wish they’d started yoga when they were younger is huge. When we were younger, yoga wasn’t such a popular practice for adults, let alone teens. But times are changing and we want to start the younger generation off on good footing. So at One Grove we offer Teen Yoga – a specifically designed class, designated to teenagers for them to practice in a safe environment.

In case you don’t already know the multitude of benefits yoga brings, below are some key reasons to send your teens to One Grove:


Yoga doesn’t use any weights or artificial resistance, so it’s a safe way for your teens to gain strength. By holding our own body weight in different positions, our muscles and bones get stronger, making our joints more stable as resistant to injury.


We always think of kids as flexible beings… but teens are no longer kids! From playing sport, studying, and hours spent hunched over their phones (no matter how many times you tell them to put it down!), they’re putting their bodies through physical stress. They need to move those over-worked muscles in a gentle way, making them longer, enabling them to stand up that little bit taller.


It might sound silly but most of us don’t breathe correctly – we breathe too shallowly, not getting enough oxygen into our bodies. In yoga, we work to slow down and lengthen out our breath through relaxation and simple breath exercises (pranayama). This in turn helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental function, and increase energy.

Hormone Balance

Has your teen ever stormed into the house, banging every door behind them? Or spontaneously burst out into tears? Good old hormones are to blame for their mood swings, and it’s not fun for anyone concerned!! Keeping active through the different yoga poses we do in class is a great was to help your endocrine system (collection of glands that secrete hormones into the body) stay in balance. This produces a much more chilled-out, happy young adult.

Make Friends!

Unless your teen is a member of a sports team outside school, they will seldom meet their peers from different parts of the community. Our classes are full of wonderful, like-minded teens, ready to welcome in new members.

A happy teen is one that gets a balanced diet, plenty of sleep, and time to decompress. We’ve taken the stress out of number three!

MON & WED – 1715-1800 TEEN YOGA


Classes from £7 for 12 x mix and match Teen classes. Use your class passes in any Teen class. Age 12+ welcome.

Book on our website www.onegrove.co.uk, email info@onegrove.co.uk or call 255 111.

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