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The lovely Jeni has just relocated from London to Cheltenham and brings with her a new form of therapeutic movement- Gentle Somatic Yoga. She is inviting everyone to try your first class for free, every Tuesday at 11:00 @onegrove.

We are all aware that Yoga is excellent for powering up the body and powering down the mind. But Somatic movement takes a different approach- it powers up the mind to dial down the body, specifically learning to break poor movement habits that have led to injury or pain. Somatics added to Yoga in a gentle flowing class then becomes a brilliant method for rehabilitation, pain-relief and gentle exercise.

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What is Gentle Somatic Yoga?

Somatic Movement, also known as Hanna Somatics, is a system of neuro-muscular reprogramming based on the theory of Sensory Motor Amnesia – SMA. SMA occurs when conscious and controlled movement becomes habitual movement patterns. As our sensory motor system responds to daily stresses and traumas, our muscles respond with specific muscular reflex patterns.

Over time, if these reflexes are continuously triggered, we can develop habitual movement patterns which we cease to be able to consciously control, hence “amnesia” of the sensory motor system. SMA can be caused by this repetition of muscular reflex or it can occur as a result of physical injury or trauma or as a result of structural misalignments.
Hanna Somatics is the system whereby you can learn to regain regain control of your mobility, enabling you to release held muscular contractions, recognise your tendency to muscular reflex patterns and thus relieve pain and tension throughout the body.
Combining this therapeutic movement with yoga, we are able to release tension physically and mentally through gentle, controlled movement.
Click on this link to see a short video of Jeni using Somatics to re-set her shoulder position. 

I always feel much happier and energised after our sessions … they give me a wonderful boost for the rest of the week. I already recommended Kinesiology with Jeni to my friends and family, and will surely recommend it to someone who is looking for a holistic approach to health.

— Olga

Who would benefit from Gentle Somatic Yoga? 
Gentle Somatic Yoga encourages full and appropriate ranges of movement to strengthen and mobilise joints.  Gentle Somatic Yoga can help you to live pain free and can assist with issues including:
       Sports injuries
       Symptoms of physical traumas, injuries and operations
       Back and neck ache and pain
       Other physical tension and pains
       Symptoms of MS, Parkinson’s and other conditions that affect muscular control and reflexes
       Increasing sporting performance

The way I catch myself sitting and standing when I’m not even aware of it is quite a remarkable change from when I first came [to see you]. I never knew it was possible to retrain the body and mind like this. Thanks so much for your help Jeni!

— Chris

More about Jeni
Jeni Howland has studied Somatic Movement Therapy and Gentle Somatic Yoga with Tanya Fitzpatrick of Align Somatics and James Knight and has been practicing this method of movement therapy since 2013. She is also a trained Yoga, Dance and Barre teacher. She teaches Barre classes at 19:45 on Tuesdays @onegrove and mixed-ability Vinyasa-style flowing Yoga at 12:00 on Tuesdays @onegrove.
Try a Gentle Somatic Yoga class for free!
Join Jeni in Gentle Somatic Yoga class every Tuesday at 11:00 @onegrove. The class is open to all ages and abilities. To find out more or reserve your free space, email the studio. You can check when classes are running by viewing the live timetable here.




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