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HIIT High Intensity Interval Training is ultra-efficient. It’s hard and it hurts but it’s over with pretty quickly. And the benefits are brilliant for the amount of time spent training.

HIIT is quick bursts of extreme physical exertion. Simple movements are superimposed with stop-start timings. Your exercise is over and done in 25 minutes, warm-up and cool-down included. HIIT can be performed to various timings but you need to work to at least 80% of your maximal heart rate when you are exercising so it should feel really very hard.

At One Grove we have devised a new Express HIIT workout with the use of the jumpboard on the reformer and equipment.

And your JUMP HIIT classes at One Grove can be mixed and matched with your standard Yoga, Mat and Barre classes for flexible timings on the same payment block.


Studies show that HIIT is particularly beneficial for non-athletes.

HIIT training has been shown by the American College of Sports Medicine to improve:

  • aerobic and anaerobic tness
  • blood pressure
  • cardiovascular health
  • insulin sensitivity (which helps the exercising muscles more readily use glucose for fuel to make energy)
  • cholesterol profiles
  • abdominal fat and body weight while maintaining muscle mass.
Tabata timings

Tabata timings are the most evidence-based for efficiency — that’s 20 seconds repeated with 10 second rests for four minutes with one minute intervals between exercise sets. The clock is unrelenting. But it’s all over with pretty quickly.

This HIIT style was developed by Japanese professor Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo to train Olympic speed skaters in the late 1990s. We love the Tabata protocol  at One Grove because it is so well researched and proven across varying fields of sport. What’s not to love about four minute blasts that burn more calories than standard cardiovascular training, keep burning calories after you stop and improve bone mass density?

But beware! If you work to the high intensity demanded, it’s unsafe for most people to work beyond four sets of exercises otherwise your form is compromised and you risk hurting yourself. Our Express classes wrap these four sets into a safe, neat but dastardly 25 minute class.

Do it properly or don’t bother

Whilst it’s ultra-efficient, you need to do it properly or don’t bother. Our Jump HIIT Reformer classes use simple but demanding exercises that you perform to exhaustion. Remember that you have to raise your heart rate to above 80% of your maximal heart rate- so you shouldn’t be able to talk as you HIIT! This is not a standard Pilates class- the two don’t mix. And don’t waste your time with anything in between.

In our standard Pilates classes both on the Equipment and Mat, we require you to think continually about exactitude of movement, give total control to each body part and recognise neuro-muscular connections across your body to find the full end-range of your movements. This is particularly important if you have had surgery or have any joint issues that need resolving. And it promotes the essence of Pilates which is total control over your body in movements that progress from simple to very demanding.

HIIT classes serve an entirely different purpose. Our Jump HIIT classes on the Reformer use the jumpboard, mat and machine to simple but devastating effect. You are in a HIIT class to work your cardio-vascular system and your muscular endurance to failure. Because you are just thinking about survival and pumping out repetitive movements, you have little time to examine precise muscular patterning. That’s not to say we let you have bad form, we’re too professional for that! But note that HIIT won’t change how you work just allow you to work harder for faster.

Fitness requires both aspects- the ability to move your body properly and the endurance to last the course.

When we see a mixture of HIIT and Pilates advertised, we can be a little skeptical. Is it one? Or the other? Are you learning control? Or working to failure?

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do both at the same time, especially with complicated movements.

You can get cardio-vascular fitness by going for a brisk walk, a run, cycling, swimming, par-taking in any number of sports or joining us in an Express 25minute HIIT Jump Reformer class. Anything that leaves you out of breath! The time-efficiency and science behind a HIIT workout is pretty compelling though and might spare you two hours cycling around on country lanes…although that’s lovely! Whatever floats your boat!

For proper movement control, you will need to keep up your regular Equipment or Mat Pilates practice with us though….Remember Pilates is not a sport. It is your MOT to do your sport well. See you soon!

One Grove holds over 50 classes a week- view our timetable here.

New EXPRESS 25minute Jump HIIT Reformer classes start on Tuesday 9th January weekly: Tuesdays at 13:15, Tuesdays at 19:20 and Wednesdays at 08:30

Only 4 SPACES in each class. For prices see EXPRESS classes here.

Your JUMP HIIT classes at One Grove can be mixed and matched with your standard Yoga, Mat and Barre classes for flexible timings on the same payment block.

NOTE: you must have had an Initial Private Intro on the Equipment with one of our instructors and be deemed safe to join HIIT class before attending or you will not be allowed entry to class. Enquire about an intro here

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