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Jump HIIT Reformer

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is very intense cardiovascular and muscular strength training. We have devised a HIIT Pilates programme on the Equipment which we base upon scientifically proven and evidence-based Tabata principles.

The aim is to work to at least 80% of your body’s ability before failure for 20 seconds and then have a 10 second rest. This 30 second cycle is repeated eight times on four exercises with one minute’s stretch recovery in between each exercise set until you have completed a 20 minute workout. The exercises are repetitive but intense. Timing is critical so that movement quality is maintained despite exhaustion.

We use the reformer and predominantly the jumpboard for a strong workout that is particularly good for building leg strength and ski fitness. Of course we also hyper-challenge the core!

You must have had an initial private intro on the Equipment to attend these classes. You must also be given the go-ahead by your instructor to participate. Please contact us if you haven’t yet visited.

These are Express classes and only last 25 minutes. Max 4 participants in each class.

Your JUMP HIIT classes at One Grove can be mixed and matched with your standard Yoga, Mat and Barre classes for flexible timings on the same payment block.

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