Physiotherapy & massage are by appointment only.

Katie Foster & Phillipa Sawtell- Private Physiotherapists

All joints of the body can be assessed and treated from headaches and neck complaints including whiplash to low back pain as well as all upper and lower limb conditions. Everything is treatable from head to toe!

Katie Foster from Katie Foster Physiotherapy specialises in musculoskeletal conditions with advanced training in manual therapy techniques. She also has training in respiratory and vestibular conditions (dizziness).

Katie is famed for her functional approach to physiotherapy meaning that she looks at all your biomechanics flaws and builds a full-body assessment of your movement and pain. She is lead physiotherapist for the Cheltenham Running Club. ‘expert, insightful, educational, successful’

Philippa Sawtell is another advanced musculoskeletal therapist and acupuncturist with clinical Pilates training.

 ‘My passion for physiotherapy began at the age of 7. I was influenced and inspired by my grandmother who was a very successful Physiotherapist and by a handsome Physiotherapist who I received treatment from after a horse riding accident.’
  • First class Physiotherapy degree at the University of Wales College of Medicine
  • Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Senior Physiotherapist in the NHS and privately
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture Practitioner and a qualified Clinical Pilates instructor (passionate about Pilates!)

Both will offer diagnoses, treatment and will make sure that your Pilates instructors at One Grove tailor their classes for your specific remedial needs if you so wish.

Appointments are booked directly with Katie 07938 592464 or Phillipa 07968 173398

Charlotte Coates- Holistics By Charlotte

Sports Massage 1hr £40 (30mins £30)

Swedish Body Massage 1hr £40 (30mins £30)

Reflexology 1hr £35

Charlotte is a talented masseuse and holistics practitioner who is building her business at One Grove. She is trained in Swedish Body Massage, Sports Massage and Reflexology and has made a commitment to using 100% natural products across her treatments (vegan too, if you wish).

An intuitive soul, Charlotte will put you at ease and then has the physical strength to give you a deep, firm Sports massage (typically used by athletes to deal with chronic pain and treat soft tissue injuries) or superb gentleness of touch for a deeply relaxing, detoxifying Swedish massage. Reflexology is a complimentary medicine that massages pressure points on the feet which correspond to a map of the body’s health. This is a lovely treatment if you would rather sit more upright and deal with a particular medical complaint.

To book or find out more click here or call 07894 138538.