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Private, Duo and Rehabilitation Pilates

At One Grove, our speciality is exact care for your body. We offer you an educated approach to your workouts which will result in better body mechanics, strength and flexibility for you. We achieve this by knowing your needs intimately.

So whilst we work on a very immersed level in classes, your ultimate sessions would be Private Pilates classes or those shared with a partner (Duos or Semi-Privates). Here we can deal with all manner of pathologies and injuries and help people post-stroke, post-operatively and post-cancer treatment.

Often you will choose to work with us for a block of private sessions until you have gained the neuro-muscular patterning (body control) to attend group classes.

We also have Rehab Equipment classes scheduled on a weekly basis. These classes have a maximum of four participants. Here each client will be performing their own specific repertoire on the Reformers, Arcuses and Cadillacs- so you will not be doing the same as the person next to you necessarily. A Rehab class is a good stepping stone from private classes into the full group environment.