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Teen Classes


Teenagers have a lot on their plate. The stress of exams coupled with hormonal imbalances naturally leads to anxiety in many young people.

Yoga can be used therapeutically to mitigate the emotional and physical turmoil that teenagers go through.

Breathing and gentle (but challenging) movement in Yoga can be used to support teen’s neural pathways so that they increase acceptance levels and decrease traumatic reactions to life events.

Yoga for Teens at ONE GROVE is cool and fun- an anarchic antidote to the rigours of academic life.


It’s unnatural for our bodies to sit slumped at desks for hours on end. And it’s unnatural to train six hours a week bent over a hockey stick or throwing an overarm bowl or rowing stroke side- all very asymmetrical pursuits.

So teens often get a raw deal in the balanced body stakes just as their bones are finalising growth. This can lead to common teen spinal problems like scoliosis.

Pilates for Teens at ONE GROVE, whether in Mat & Barre or Equipment classes, will help your child develop a strong symmetrical body.

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