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Class & Equipment Timetables

Scroll down for the published schedule. Click here to check the LIVE SCHEDULE

Cancellation: Strict 24hr cancellation policy for Equipment classes. 12hr cancellation policy for Virtual classes.

Duration: All Equipment classes are 55 mins. All Virtual classes are 40mins.

NOTE- we run a slimmer schedule in the school holidays. Please check the LIVE SCHEDULE.


  • 1000 – PILATES MAT Mixed Ability – VIRTUAL with ALEX





  • 0800 MIXED – Alex
  • 0905 FASTER – Alex
  • 1010 GENTLE – Alicia
  • 1115 MIXED – Alicia
  • 1730 MIXED – Alicia
  • 1845 MIXED – Alicia


  • 0800 GENTLE – Alex
  • 0905 FASTER – Alex
  • 1010 MIXED – Claire
  • 1220 FASTER – Alex
  • 1500 GENTLE – Alicia
  • 1700 MIXED – Alicia
  • 1815 FASTER – Alicia


  • 0800 FASTER – Alex
  • 0905 FASTER – Claire
  • 1010 GENTLE – Claire
  • 1115 GENTLE – Alex
  • 1220 JUMP & Stretch – Lucy
  • 1300 GENTLE – Alicia
  • 1700 MIXED – Lucy
  • 1815 FASTER – Lucy


  • 0905 FASTER – Alex
  • 1010 GENTLE – Alex
  • 1220 MIXED – Claire
  • 1815 MIXED – Alicia


  • 0800 FASTER – Lucy
  • 0905 FASTER – Lucy
  • 1010 GENTLE – Claire
  • 1220 FASTER – Lucy


  • 0800 FASTER – Alex/Claire/Lucy
  • 0905 MIXED – Alex/Claire/Lucy
  • 1100 MIXED – Alicia


YOU MUST have attended a PRIVATE INTRODUCTORY Equipment session at One Grove prior to booking in to any Equipment class.

All Equipment classes include private use of a Reformer and Half-Cadillac and Arcus and Arc Barrel for each participant. With only FOUR participants in each class, you will get plenty of attention and guidance throughout each session.

GENTLE classes are generally more suitable if you are new to Equipment practice, don’t like lots of new challenging moves or have chronic joint or pain issues.

FASTER classes work at a pace where we look to fatigue the muscles and experiment with a broader repertoire in more adventurous positions.

To attend a JUMP & Stretch class, you must be able to work at a FASTER level and have minimal knee and spine injuries. JUMP & Stretch classes are high impact plyometric classes based on the Reformer Jumpboard.

MIXED Level classes can operate at multi-levels with increased pace and range of exercises according to each group member’s needs.

Our specialist small group training allows for your needs to be seen and met in any Equipment class so don’t worry if you pick thee wrong one!

REHAB sessions work each client on separate Equipment exercises which is particularly beneficial if you are immediately pre/post-operative or have specific neurological issues.



Our virtual classes are live-streamed via the Zoom website. https://zoom.us/signup  You will receive a Zoom meeting invitation prior to your booked class at least 15mins before class start time. We would recommend using a laptop or iPad to ‘attend’. You will be able to see and hear your instructor and they will be able to see and hear you. Create an obstacle-free space at home and have a towel or mat laid out ready, together with a small towel or cushion and a couple of cans/weights.

If you can’t attend your Zoom class live, your instructor will send you a recording.

Please be mindful of our closures. If you would like to book alternative or additional classes, you can do this directly online or we can help you- please ask.

We are available during closure periods for private appointments on request.

During school holiday times, we run a slimmer schedule of classes.

Check Availability and Book Online

One Grove uses MindBody software to run our schedules, payments and bookings. You can download the MindBody App on your mobile device or click through to the webpage to view the full One Grove schedule and reserve your space in class. You are welcome to pay by card in the studio rather than online. MindBody is a NASDAQ listed company and the world leader in running studio software- all your personal details are safe and encrypted.

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