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Class & Equipment Timetables

Please check class is running/there is space before you attend- we run a slimmer schedule in school holidays.

Scroll down for the published schedule. Click here to check the LIVE SCHEDULE

Strict 24hr cancellation policy. ALL classes are 55 mins.




  • 0900 – BARRE – Jeni
  • 1000 – YOGA – Frankie
  • 1100 – SEATED PILATES & BARRE – Lucy
  • 1200 – PILATES MAT mixed ability – Frankie
  • 2000 – PILATES MAT mixed ability – Alice


  • 0900 – PILATES MAT Faster – Jojo
  • 1000 – PILATES MAT Mixed Ability – Jojo


  • 1015 – BARRE – Lucy
  • 1215 – PILATES MAT Gentle – Pippa
  • 2000 – PILATES MAT Mixed Ability – Alex


  • 0900 – YOGA – Frankie
  • 1000 – PILATES MAT Faster – Frankie
  • 1100 – PILATES MAT Gentle – Frankie


  • 0915 – BARRE & BEND – Jeni
  • 1015 – PILATES MAT Mixed Ability – Alex
  • 1215 – YOGA – Frankie


  • 0945 – BARRE – Lucy

Check Availability and Book Online

One Grove uses MindBody software to run our schedules, payments and bookings. You can download the MindBody App on your mobile device or click through to the webpage to view the full One Grove schedule and reserve your space in class. You are welcome to pay by card in the studio rather than online. MindBody is a NASDAQ listed company and the world leader in running studio software- all your personal details are safe and encrypted.



YOU MUST have attended a PRIVATE INTRODUCTORY Equipment session at One Grove prior to booking in to any Equipment class.

All Pilates Equipment classes include private use of a Reformer and Half-Cadillac and Arcus and Arc Barrel for each participant. With only FOUR participants in each class, you will get plenty of attention and guidance throughout each session.

It is favourable to commit to a weekly slot so that we can progress your development within your group.


  • 0900 FASTER – Lucy
  • 1000 JUMP FASTER – Jojo
  • 1100 GENTLE – Jojo
  • 1200 FASTER – Corina
  • 1300 GENTLE – Frankie
  • 1800 GENTLE – Alice
  • 1900 FASTER – Alice


  • 0800 GENTLE – Lucy
  • 0900 FASTER – Alice
  • 1000 FASTER – Alice
  • 1100 GENTLE – Jojo
  • 1430 GENTLE – Corina
  • 1800 GENTLE – Corina


  • 0900 JUMP FASTER – Jojo
  • 1015 FASTER – Corina
  • 1115 GENTLE – Jojo
  • 1215 GENTLE – Corina
  • 1600 FASTER – Alex
  • 1800 GENTLE – Alex
  • 1900 FASTER – Alex


  • 0900 FASTER – Alex
  • 1000 GENTLE – Alex
  • 1100 GENTLE – coming soon!
  • 1200 JUMP FASTER – Lucy
  • 1300 REHAB session- Alex


  • 0915 FASTER – Alex
  • 1015 FASTER – Lucy
  • 1115 GENTLE – Frankie
  • 1215 FASTER – Lucy
  • 1315 GENTLE – Frankie


  • 0745 FASTER – Lucy
  • 0845 GENTLE – Lucy

We don’t want to be prescriptive about the Equipment Pilates classes you can and can’t attend but we have added a gauge level: Gentle or Faster.
Gentle classes are generally more suitable if you are new to Equipment practice, don’t like lots of new challenging moves or are recently post-operative or in specific re-hab.

Faster classes work at a pace where we look to fatigue the muscles and experiment with a broader repertoire in more adventurous positions!

Don’t worry if you come to a Gentle class and want to work a little more rapidly or attend a Faster class but need to bring the resistance down. Our specialist small group training allows for your needs to be seen and met in any Equipment class.

To attend a JUMP HIIT class, you must be able to work at a FASTER level.


Please check your expiry dates on your purchases and be mindful of our closures. If you would like to book alternative or additional classes, you can do this directly online or we can help you- please ask.

We are available during closure periods for private appointments on request.

During school holiday times, we run a slimmer schedule of classes.

20/07/19 – 28/07/19     SUMMER holiday Part 1 CLOSED

24/08/19 – 01/09/19     SUMMER holiday Part 2 CLOSED

Class Descriptions


Barre classes (using the ballet barre) are challenging but fun! They are higher energy and more demanding on the joints than traditional matwork classes. Each barre class incorporates a series of exercises designed to tone different parts of the body.

Barre & Bend

A hybrid class of Barre class for the first half (higher energy and more demanding on the joints than traditional matwork classes) and Yoga (flowing Vinyasa and stretch) for the second half.

Pilates Mat (Mixed Ability and Faster)

Our Mixed Ability classes are Open Level so we tailor the sessions to the participants. We are able to do this as we have very small size classes so each participant has individual care and attention. We use all Pilates small equipment depending on the session including: barrels, bands, rings, rollers, weighted balls, soft balls and Zenga balls. Our Faster Mat classes incorporate more challenging and advanced moves.

Pilates Gentle Mat

This class is for anyone who has had recent surgery or has pathologies such as osteoporosis or is recovering from cancer or anyone who just wants to take it easy. The pace is more deliberate.

Seated Pilates & Barre

We sit on chairs to exercise and use the small props such as bands, circles and balls and we refrain from lying down on the floor. We also use the Barre standing to practice upright posture and balance. This class is perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel like exercising on the floor anymore.

Post Natal Pilates

You can attend any Pilates class but please let us know that you have just had a baby. Please check with your doctor before you attend and your teacher will then give you a small check-over prior to class start. Certain movements will be specifically tailored to help abdominal repair.


Yoga for combined strength and flexibility with plenty of straps, blocks & bolsters in class to help support you in position. Easily adapted from beginner to advanced in each session so everyone can benefit. We promote mindful movement for physical (and mental) health rather than spiritual values or meditation.