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Pilates – Who is it for?

Everyone, of course! Whether you are fit and healthy and just want to stay that way or if you have a particular goal to achieve or illness or injury to overcome, our Pilates instruction can help you.

60+ Clients

‘Did you know that regular physical activity could delay the normal ageing process by 10-20 years?’ Tailored muscle power and endurance building movements help older people keep strength and suppleness in their body and boost energy levels. Regular exercise not only helps avoid injury and slow some aging processes but it also relieves the symptoms of some common chronic conditions and prevents the onset of other health problems that are the outcome of a sedentary lifestyle. Pilates Equipment is designed for anyone lacking confidence in their balance and joint strength.

Injuries, Illnesses and Pre-/Post-Op

Joseph Pilates originally designed his exercise programme for people with injuries, for those who had just had operations and for people who suffered illnesses. He himself had asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever and he dedicated his life to improving his physical strength.

ONE GROVE provides an exercise environment for recovery and healing, whether from the trauma of a car crash or stroke, surgery for ligament repair or joint replacement and for sufferers of hyper-mobility or scleroderma syndromes.



Run more efficiently uphill with a stabilized musculature • Run more efficiently downhill with a stronger and more balanced sciatic area • Experience less tightening of the neck, head and shoulders • Increase oxygenation and stamina with a diaphragm that is able to fully expand • Focus on proper movement with better kinaesthetic awareness • Decrease fatigue because of less strain on the body • Shave seconds off your times because you move more efficiently.


Muscles fire correctly leading to more fluid movement • Body is aligned, leading to less strain on the neck • Proper mind body control leads to a steadier, faster pace • All of the above equal faster times without the wear and tear.


Freely and gently move arms and legs around a stable base • Help clarify aids and hold jumping form • Avoid collapsing and bouncing in the saddle • Better absorb a horse’s movement • Improve posture to help you deepen your seat • Increase comfort during and after your ride • Maintain neutral pelvis so you can easily follow your horse’s movements.


Muscles fire correctly leading to quicker reaction times on or off-piste • Body is aligned, leading to better balance over changing terrain • Shoulders are open and stabilised for correct technical turns • Obliques are strengthened to help counter rotation over moguls • Improved flexibility leads to lower schuss tucks on straights • Isometric core strength helps sustain carving form.


Corrects stooped posture to relieve neck strain • Addresses hip asymmetry to gain equal strength through both legs • Takes hamstrings through eccentric lengthening or dynamic stretch • Teaches all leg muscles to fire correctly for maximal power • Aids balance so that power is translated into forward momentum only.

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