Yoga Classes

The practice of Yoga is unique to each individual. As we all vary in strength and flexibility, the key to good yoga is to understand where your body tells you that you are strong and which areas your body needs to develop.

At ONE GROVE our teachers specifically look out for what you need to do to improve your body and they will guide you to continual progression. This both rehabilitates you from injuries and optimises your athletic performance.

Whilst Yoga is an ancient science studied for thousands of years in the East, the benefits of Yoga have been widely welcomed and recognised by the West. Our ONE GROVE team is concerned more with teaching you the physical aspects of Yoga. But anyone who takes frequent classes should observe subtle changes in other areas of your life including feelings of clarity, stability and a greater capacity for concentration. Like Pilates, Yoga is mindful exercise.

We run specific beginners’ Fundamentals classes for anyone who is new to Yoga. Our Yoga Slow Flow sessions suit anyone who wants slower transitions or who is less confident in their poses. Our Yoga (Open Level) classes encompass a wider range of moves and different progression levels.

Most of our teachers use ‘Vinyasa’ or flowing yoga principles. Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style of movement, harmonising breath and movement to give strength, grace and freedom to the body.

All ONE GROVE classes (except Barre) are limited to ten people, providing individual attention to each student and any medical conditions presented, whether to alleviate symptoms of discomfort, strengthen the body or simply to improve posture.

Our Yoga studio provides the accessories you would find in Hatha and Restorative classes so that you can modify your ranges with the use of straps, bolsters and blocks (and chill-out with blankets at the end of class).

Each class is only 55 minutes long as we appreciate that the typical 75-90 Yoga class is difficult to fit into daily schedules. We hope to inspire you to practice regularly though – little and often!

View the Yoga Class timetable here

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