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ONE GROVE has teamed up with The Cotswold Juice Company to offer the chance to win an exciting 4 Juices delivered every Monday for 4 weeks to your home or office within 10 miles of Cheltenham.

Whether a top athlete or recovering from injury, you will see positive fitness gains in our specialist environment. And you now have the chance to supplement your health with a fresh organic juice nutritional boost!

ONE GROVE is the much-anticipated Pilates, Yoga and Health studios newly opened next to Waitrose in Cheltenham.

With Pilates reformers, half-cadillacs, wunda chairs, arc barrels and arcus bars, our elite Pilates team at ONE GROVE will help you build strength and suppleness through intelligent exercise in our two fully-equipped downstairs studios. And our Yoga instructors will guide you to balance in both mind and body in our top floor calming space.

We have classes to cater for everyone at ONE GROVE including:

  • Teen Yoga and Teen Mat&Barre Pilates (non-competitive stress-relieving fitness)
  • Silver Yoga and Silver Mat&Barre (60+)
  • Pilates and Yoga for all levels and back care (max 10 in any class- typically 6 people) in fully equipped small equipment studios, including Post Natal focus.
  • Beginners and Intermediate Pilates Reformer & Equipment Classes (limited to 4 people per class for exceptional care)
  • Barre classes (challenging and uplifting in every muscle group)
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