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NEPA- you need to know about it. It will revolutionise the way you think about your fitness.

I have been touting my sprightly grandmother’s good fitness regimen for years. Has she ever visited a gym? Nope. Is she as fit as a fiddle at nearly 90 years old? Yep! She lives a busy life of housework, walking, gardening and cooking alongside her job as a seamstress (albeit less of this now..). And she has always had good daily amounts of what the specialists call NEPA (Non-Exercise Physical Activity). Now the researchers are finding that doing the hoovering can be just as good as jogging mindlessly along on a running machine…

NEPA found to be as effective as cardio-vascular exercise

A 2014 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has concluded that NEPA is critical for cardiovascular health and longevity. In fact, for future health gains, promoting everyday NEPA could be just as important and effective as recommending regular exercise for all populations. This means that we might be revolutionising the way we talk about how much ‘exercise’ we need to do.

Feeling guilty about not getting to the gym recently? Don’t.

Marching about the shops may be just as good for you! The study found that regardless of the participants’ structured exercise regimes, those with high NEPA had reduced waist circumferences, lowered LDL levels (bad cholesterol) and favourable insulin, glucose and fibrinogen levels. Metabolic syndrome was less in those people who had higher NEPA levels regardless of whether they ‘formally’ exercised or not. And higher NEPA levels reported a lower risk of cardiovascular events. In fact, greater NEPA levels produced more significant results across all health parameters measured irrespective of participation in any structured exercise programme!

Are we doing ourselves out of a job at One Grove?

Of course not! That dicky knee that occasionally buckles as you climb the stairs? That achy back that doesn’t like you being on your feet too long? Your tight shoulders that give you neck-ache and cause trouble sleeping? All these issues need sorting through Intelligent Exercise so that you can get on with moving. We give you exercises that specifically address joint mechanics.

Pilates is tailored, guided and corrected mobilisation that allows you to adapt your movement patterns. Then you can function with no pain for most gain. That’s the beauty of Pilates– it augments your ability to be the best you can whether that’s as a professional athlete or just an ordinary granny!

At One Grove we give your body an MOT- we keep you on the road. How you choose to keep active is then up to you.

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