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Updated COVID protocols

Following an uptick in positive cases nationally through September, we are strengthening our COVID protocols for all studio sessions.

Please now wear a mask as you enter the studio and move around the communal areas. We will still be temperature checking you at the door and asking you to immediately wash your hands, avoiding getting into close proximity with others. Thus we are reinforcing the government’s ‘Hands-Face-Space’ mantra.

Remember to arrive no more than five minutes early (to allow previous clients to have dispersed before your arrival and to give time to your instructor to finish disinfection cleaning prior to greeting you for your temperature check.)

Minimise the possessions you bring to the studio. And please remove your shoes before entering the studios.

Your instructor will give you clear guidance in four person classes on how to move around your machine. Please listen closely so that we can retain your distancing from others.

Government advice is not to wear a mask when exercising so you can take your mask off once you are at your workout station and tuck it into your shorts/leggings. But if you feel safer continuing to wear a mask then you are welcome to do so. And feel free to request that your instructor does so too. We will wear our visors continually in four person classes any case.

We have the QR NHS tracking code on display in Reception if you wish to check in with your app. Of course, we have all your details in case of track and trace requirements in any case. You will only be required to self-isolate if we have a corona positive client if you have NOT followed our protocols correctly. ie. If you maintain your space as we request, you are safe. People must self-isolate if they have been within 1 metre for 1 minute or within 2 metres for 15 minutes of a corona positive person. We are working you side-to-side at 2m+ distancing.

Our staff will also be socially-distancing with each other to follow all the same protocols as our clients. We will continue to fully disinfect all Equipment, large and small, between uses. You will notice that we have a ‘belt and braces’ approach to cleaning, asking you to disinfect with anti-viral wipes before we use higher strength disinfectant solution clean the machines.

Of course, if you have or develop any symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not come in to the studio. Here is a useful flow chart (devised for parents by NHS Gloucestershire) on how to know if you should stay away. We are adopting this advice as we enter the cold, flu and sniffles season. Note that if you do need to blow your nose within class, you must immediately sanitise your hands (or wash them) and dispose of the tissue.

NHS Advice- Whether to attend the studio

Our aim, as always, is to create a safe and professional space for Rehabilitation Reformer and Fitness Pilates in Cheltenham.