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Nov 2021 Studio Safety

based on guidance from UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport updated 11 May 2021

Our COVID-19 risk assessment identifies a very low risk of transmission at our professional Pilates studios.

We are cleaning surfaces regularly and disinfecting all equipment after every usage (you will see us after each session with our rubber gloves and buckets in hand!). We have asked you all to wash your hands as soon as you arrive and to use hand sanitiser frequently.

Whilst you are not required by law to wear face coverings in an exercise space, we suggest that everyone continues to wear a mask in the communal areas at present. You may remove your mask to exercise.

It is not mandatory for our team to wear face coverings as we are working in a fitness facility, however we will continue to wear masks if you ask us to. Additionally, our instructors are all regularly undergoing asymptomatic testing to reassure you of our good health.

What is more important is to maintain social distancing. In this respect we ask you to listen carefully to our instructions when moving around the equipment in a group class. You and your fellow participants (no more than three others) will all have your own space around your equipment.

We will be avoiding face-to-face workouts (within 1m). This is a relatively simple task in our Equipment classes where everyone is side by side. Close contact may arise if we are stepping in to support your position from a safety aspect. For the most part we will stay by your feet!

At the end of each Equipment class, we will ask you all to wipe down your machines and props with an antibacterial wipe. We will then disinfect thoroughly once you have left the room.

We will be maximising natural ventilation at One Grove by keeping doors and windows open. We also have some automatic ventilation in our internal spaces. Please wear an extra layer or two to keep you warm.

You will find the NHS Test and Trace QR code ready at Reception if you wish to sign in. We have a detailed log of everyone who attends the studio in any case as everyone’s attendance is registered.

It’s an obvious statement but please don’t attend class with coronavirus symptoms (namely a high temperature, persistent cough or a loss of sense of smell). We are obliged to turn you away and will not be able to refund you.

We have one changing room available but would discourage you from showering. Wherever possible, please arrive ready to participate and shower at home. Also please minimise your time spent inside with us- you will note that all our classes and sessions have been spaced out in order to minimise client cross-over (and to allow adequate cleaning time). 

Note that all payments will be contactless or invoiced. We are managing Toesox, ball and band sales on an honesty basis. If you wish to purchase anything, let one of us know and we will log your items and then invoice you by email at the end of the month. If no-one is around, just leave us a note telling us what you have taken!

If you have any other questions about our protocols, please do get in touch.

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