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Joseph Pilates

Think Pilates is just for girls? Think again.

Its founder, Joseph Pilates, was a whisky-drinking body-builder and martial arts expert who was recruited by Scotland Yard to teach self-defence. He developed his proto-type exercise machines whilst interned in a prisoner of war camp on the Isle of Man. And one of the first converts to his exercise methodology was legendary German heavyweight boxer, Max Schmelling. (Pilates himself was a professional boxer).

Pilates is such an effective form of exercise because it develops your core strength and improves your posture simultaneously. In doing Pilates, you therefore alleviate back problems and gain a flatter stomach. Gender neutral goals, surely.

‘The most hassle free way for men to stay trimmed, toned and build muscle’ 

As well as citing Pilates as the most hassle-free way for men to stay trim, toned and build muscle, GQ magazine has sensibly picked up on a key tenet of Pilates- movement in every plane. Because the spine moves in four directions: forward, backward, lateral and rotation, you need to include all these movements in your workouts- movement patterns that many individual sports are missing. And as GQ says ‘If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it’ or worse, do yourself an injury.
Dr Tom Crisp, a sports and orthopaedic specialist at BUPA Wellness, urges men to: “Take up pilates which helps balance the body. It makes small but significant differences over time to the way you stand, sit and walk by focusing on exercises that work the abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles.”

No need to tell Premier League footballers, England Rugby players, the England Cricket team or sports stars like Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton- they already do Pilates. At One Grove, our specialist studios here in Cheltenham, 30% of our clients are men and a third of these are professional or retired professional athletes.

Realignment for Men Workshop

We are hosting a special one-off workshop at One Grove for men on Saturday 6th May at 4pm. Anatomical Trainer and Yoga & Pilates specialist Tom Burlinson will be teaching you how to improve your exercise technique, address muscle imbalances, lengthen tight muscles, and correct your posture.

All ages and abilities are welcome- and everyone can benefit. Tom will be looking at sports-specific movements too. It might be the opportunity you need to change the way you move!

Email us to find out more about this workshop or to book an introductory session on the Pilates Equipment for a tailored workout and postural analysis for you.

(oh, and if you are reading this and you are a girl, do forward it to your male friends!)

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