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As a masterclass in control, this is just the best YouTube Pilates clip. Jean-Claude Nelson of Bluebird Pilates in Munich showcases his impeccable technique with some wonderful exercises- some of which are standard in our repertoire and others that take a bit more practice!

There is a very elegant flow to his Pilates practice in the video. This is the result of exacting control of muscle movements both in their contraction and in their lengthening (eccentric) phase.

Graceful yet strong

Whilst it may look ‘feminine’ to some, the effort required to produce this seamless workout is substantial.

In fact, it is this balance of strength and flexibility, beautifully showcased here, which many elite athletes strive to reproduce in their field of sport.

Think of a golfer’s swing, a tennis serve, front crawl swimming technique or long-distance running. They all require the body to move smoothly without jerking to maintain power and control in a specific direction.

Athletic but poetic

So this is what we aspire to teach you all in Pilates- fluid muscle movement with ultimate control.

If you want to see more athletes practising on the reformer, have a look at this too.

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