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There you are, sporting an injury and your GP or Physio tells you to strengthen your ‘core’ with Pilates or Yoga classes- off you hop to your local gym, village hall or leisure centre to a Pilates or Yoga class and BAM….your back hurts even more.

Yes, it’s true. Step into the wrong sort of class set-up with any disc or joint problems and you could well end up hurting yourself more than if you never went there in the first place. This is because you CAN’T head to large classes (even if they are run by experienced teachers) and expect any change in your condition. In fact, you may well even make your condition worse with movements that are not designed or tailored for you.

Because of the complexity and focus needed to execute the movements properly, if they are not cued just right you could wind up hurting yourself. In an overcrowded class, particularly where the instructor has limited depth of knowledge, your injury risk is high.

When a health professional says to use the Pilates method and/or Yoga exercises to improve your health, you MUST make sure that you are being carefully set-up in those exercises and corrected whilst you perform them. You should be poked and prodded and your position reset in every class- the teacher should have a mindful eye over every exercise you undertake- and you should expect to be addressed by name and have modifications or progressions given to you for your own needs. Moreover you NEED professional tools at hand like blocks, pads, barrels and bands to make sure that you can work effectively in every movement range.

This is why large classes don’t work if you are attempting to rehabilitate or sort a specific issue. The teacher will just not have time to make sure that everyone is using the right muscle groups rather than pulling through back muscles that shouldn’t be firing. If the teacher does manage to get round the room, you will have done quadruple the amount of repetitions in any one position than you should have been doing! Without tailored care, you could readily slip a disc, worsen a frozen shoulder or pull a hamstring.

At One Grove, we only ever have TEN people in any Yoga or Mat Pilates class. This means that the teacher can get to know you before class and then can watch your every move. And we only have FOUR people on the equipment- safety and set-up is paramount on the reformers, chairs and cadillacs. Plus we have every piece of professional equipment for use in our studios to support you.

You will pay more to attend classes at One Grove than at a chain or council gym but you will be working in a safe, bespoke and professional environment to improve your health and body condition.

You will never be lost at the back of a room amongst a throng of legs wondering what on earth you are doing and where that pain is coming from!

Think Smart, Think One Grove

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