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During Pregnancy-
If you are an existing client already attending our classes and you fall pregnant, please let our instructors know immediately. Each body and every pregnancy is different so we just need a quick check through of what you may need to change in your practice. Up to 16 weeks you are usually fine to continue your exercise classes as normal but we will be keeping a special eye on you!

From 16 to 28 weeks, if you are already attending Equipment classes, we can usually adapt group classes around you and modify exercises with your pregnancy in mind. However, you aren’t allowed to join in group Equipment classes if you haven’t already been working with us. After 16 weeks, you may not attend group Mat Pilates class.

But you can attend Barre and Yoga class in your second Trimester if your pregnancy is healthy. Note that you don’t ever want to push yourself too far in these classes as lax ligaments can lead to joint damage if you over-do your movements. Be mindful of over-heating and keep hydrated. Obviously you won’t be lying on your tummy and you won’t be lying on your back either!

After 28 weeks, you will need to book Private sessions with our instructors where we can fully tailor every move to your growing body.

After Pregnancy-
Exercising too soon after pregnancy can be hazardous so make sure that you check with your doctor before you restart an exercise regime. Taking daily walks and doing your pelvic floor exercises and tummy pull-ins is usually enough for the first six weeks following childbirth. When you feel ready snd have consulted your medial professional, you can start back into any class although we would advise taking a Gentle class on the Equipment schedule and not pushing your body too far to begin with. Make sure that you tell your instructor about any issues you had during or after delivery so that we can update your notes and we will also perform a rectus diastasis check to make sure that we are comfortable with you doing low-load abdominal work.
We are also lucky enough to have a trained midwife as one of our Pilates team too- Alex Illiopoulos- who is on hand to advise!
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