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With Pilates classes running in every upstairs pub room, village hall and sweaty gym floor, you might wonder why we bothered creating a dedicated Pilates space. But to accept just a thin mat and a bare floor as a Pilates class is to not have had a true Pilates mat class experience. If you haven’t been to a proper Pilates studio, you may be gaining little from your practice.

Here’s why

At a specialised studio, Pilates instructors use a range of props and tools to modify exercises and to give you either support or challenge- or sometimes both! If you have a pronounced curve in your lumbar or thoracic spine or other back issues, you may need to use an arc barrel. This will give you anatomical support and prevent the risk of disc prolapse. If you have postpartum diastasis recti, you will want low-level stabilisation exercises that don’t require lots of twisting- so call in the foam roller. Tennis or golf elbow? Using the fitness circle or toning balls will help scapular stabilisation. Running making your hips sore? You will want to work your lateral hip muscles using a soft ball between your knees or a challenging resistance band around your thighs. Using equipment helps you rehabilitate and build strength.

As well as adapting exercises and positions so that you can optimally benefit from them, the range of tools in a professional studio makes each class FUN and DIFFERENT. Yes! Pilates mat classes should not be dull, repetitive and boring. There is a huge repertoire available to the fully qualified instructor. So don’t put up with ‘samey’ classes and doing the same thing week on week. That doesn’t progress your fitness.


A quick mention about mirrors too- you need mirrors to correct your alignment. Without looking at yourself, the mind can trick you into thinking you are in a correct postural position when you are not. You may have attended Pilates classes for years but still not be exercising correctly.

Here at One Grove, we tailor every class to our participants that week. We never have more than 10 people in a mat class. And you are free to manage your own schedule– so you don’t have to pay a term’s fees and end up losing them all through restrictive bookings procedures. So not only are we the most professionally kitted out studio in town but the most flexible when it comes to your time and money. (Plus you can mix and match your Pilates, Yoga and Barre classes!)

Pilates Props

What you should expect to see in class

Here’s a list of the small equipment that true Pilates practitioners work with and that you should be offered in class (without having to buy it yourself):

  • foam rollers
  • arc barrels
  • flex band strong and medium resistance
  • fitness circle resistance hoop
  • weighted toning balls
  • blocks for head and sitting in a range of sizes
  • a large ‘Zenga’ ball
  • a soft mini-fit ball
  • ideally a ballet barre for progressive leg and abdominal work
  • and mirrors on two walls!

So don’t settle for less- choose a Pilates place like One Grove that will give you the tools and the individual care that you need to deepen your practice. We have classes for teens, gentle classes and plenty of options through the week. If you haven’t yet visited, drop in and see us to talk about how we can make Pilates really work for you.

If you want to travel a step further up the Pilates pathway, then join us for an introduction to the large fixed Pilates equipment– the true origins of Pilates (but that’s another blog…).

Come in after your Waitrose shop- we are right next door!

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