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Does looking through social media posts stress you out? Participants in a US study about Facebook said that that the site made them feel anxious, guilty about rejecting friend requests, pressured to post inventive updates and frustrated with applying different rules on online etiquette to different friends.

But social media is just adding to stress that we already are feeling in other aspects of life. For example, 77% of Americans are stressed by at least one thing at work, 73% of American parents are stressed by the responsibilty of family management and 76% of Americans are stressed by money.

That means that three quarters of us* could be stressed at work, at home and online


*Granted, this research is all based in America. But the UK tends to follow the US with regards to psychological changes because of similar trends in our take-up of technology and lifestyle behaviours (albeit slightly delayed this side of the pond). So we can imagine similar results for a survey on our islands.

Chronic stress increases cortisol levels, which raises blood pressure and breaks down stored energy reserves. This is the body’s response to a real or perceived threat and this process can kill memory-forming neurons. Chronic stress is tied to high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and exhaustion. And, stress makes us age because it damages our DNA.

Here are 4 ways to cope with stress that we should incorporate into our lives

A means of escape from stress involves four different routes  (and we’ve added a bit of a One Grove angle in too!):

  1. Exercise- exercise has some direct stress-busting benefits. It pumps up your endorphins, your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, and improves your ability to sleep. Working out on the Pilates equipment can give you cardiovascular benefits as well as flexibility, strength and endurance so addressing every aspect of fitness without stressing your joints.
  2. Schedule time for yourself- read a book, get involved in a hobby or immerse yourself in class and restore your own physical signature.
  3. Organise- stop stress before it starts with an uncluttered schedule and physical environment. With our completely flexible timetable**, you can plan around your existing commitments or take a break for a week without worrying about wasting your money.
  4. Take charge- focus on what you control, learn to say ‘No’ and set achievable goals that give you a daily sense of accomplishment. Remember that our body is designed to handle ‘normal’ stress that is brief and intense (like studying for a test) though. So when we challenge you with the developé on the Reformer and some complicated choreography, we want you to say ‘Yes’!

If you would like to find out more about specialised balanced exercise for all age groups and ability levels at One Grove to help manage your stress levels, please do get in touch: info@onegrove.co.uk.

**24hrs cancellation notice required

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