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We already know that Pilates for anyone aged 60+ is perfect for keeping joints in optimal health and maximising strength and balance.  But now a new study at The University of Tasmania proves that Pilates is also a force in cardiovascular fitness amongst this age group.

Pilates for the Heart

This new study ‘Pilates for the Heart’ has shown that exercise using the large lower body muscles and resistance from Pilates equipment elevates the heart rate into the ‘training’ or aerobic zone in older adults.

So every fitness need including strength, flexibility and cardio training can be found within an ordinary equipment Pilates class for the older adult.

Even seemingly gentle classes will place quite a cardiovascular demand on the 60+ cohort, within exercises such as the footwork series on the chair or the reformer or through using the leg straps on the cadillac or reformer.

The Pilates ‘Elders’

Pilates has long welcomed followers from all age groups and old age has always been respected within the discipline. Joe Pilates lived to the age of 83 with daily practise on his equipment. And The Pilates ‘Elders’, a group of living legends who trained with him, still teach the instructor body today at conferences worldwide.

Joseph Pilates on the Reformer

Watch out for a new raft of ‘Silver’ classes dedicated to the 60+ population coming through our Pilates equipment studios soon!


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