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It is a historic moment in British history and these three concepts: stability, change and resilience are being newly challenged.

Our bodies could even be considered as metaphors for the inter-play between them.

We need our core stability to protect our skeletal alignment and manage our internal workings.

But we need adaptability and the ability to change our movements to function freely in space in different and ever-evolving environments.

And the muscular endurance that we build and our neurological training provides resilience to overcome the variety of situations and threats that we face.queenie

I am a big believer in all the British people through our adaptability, intelligence and kindness to create a better, less bitter country.

And, of course, I am a huge believer in the power of Pilates to lead us a better self by studying the mechanics of stability, change and resiliencein our bodies.

(HC- this is for you! :))

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