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We are now OPEN for Equipment classes Cheltenham Reformer Pilates Rehabilitation and private sessions in studio.

First of all, we would like to say that One Grove Cheltenham Pilates are honoured to have you all as committed clients through this turbulent time. Thank you for joining our Virtual classes- these will keep going! If you haven’t yet joined us on Zoom, please do give it a whirl. This post is to let you know what our plans are now.

Our over-riding aim, as ever, is to use our professional knowledge to promote your optimal health and fitness during any of your sessions with us.

‘We are not a gym, We’re an education’

Right now, we want to teach you how to release tension and retain strength in your body whilst navigating this anxious period in our world’s history. Plus we need to teach you how to breathe properly, especially through facemasks! So we want to be able to offer you sessions just as soon as it is safe to do so.

We have such a spacious set-up for you now at the studio and have adopted all kinds of measures so that when you come in, you will come into contact with as few people and things as possible. We have always been proud of our hygiene standards and have reinforced these further for you.

So we hope that by laying out our detailed protocol below, you are re-assured that we are doing all we can to minimize your risks in visiting the studio when you choose to re-join us.

Why are you choosing to re-open?

After detailed examination of the government’s document ‘Our Plan to Rebuild’ published 11 May 2020, we are happy that we can safely restart our health-based private service on June 1st if things go to plan nationwide.

UK Active, the gym counsel body (of which we only have a loose affiliation because we are not really a gym!), is looking to agree with the government to re-open gym chains on July 4th for group classes and we will be following suit with our Equipment classes only.

We provide an important environment for those of you who are unable to walk or run or exercise alternatively owing to joint immobilities and certain pathologies. And if you have been unlucky enough to contract COVID, using our full range of supportive Equipment is one of the best possible ways to rehabilitate

We are planning to re-open the studio in phases:

PHASE 1- continued closure as per government guidelines May 2020. Online classes only.

PHASE 2- from 01 June 2020 OPEN for one-to-one and family group sessions in both Pilates and Yoga

PHASE 3- from 04 July maximum four person Equipment classes (excluding Jump classes)

PHASE 4- date TBD maximum four person Equipment classes (including Jump classes)

PHASE 5?- back to pre-COVID with Mat, Yoga and Barre classes? Perhaps this is pie-in-the-sky!

Meanwhile, our VIRTUAL Mat, Yoga and Barre class timetable will continue indefinitely.

What precautions are you taking to keep clients and staff safe?

You will see our detailed policies laid out below. This includes cleaning and sanitization procedures as well as distancing measures.

What type of cleaning/disinfecting are you doing?

We will be cleaning the floors, and bathrooms daily and all equipment will be washed and wiped down after each use using approved disinfectant products.

Do we need to wear masks?

Entirely up to you. It is important to breathe properly during exercise and there is a risk that masks can inhibit oxygen flow. But we won’t be exerting you aerobically so you should feel comfortable working with a mask on or off to your preference- and if you wish your instructor to wear a mask, we will do so.

Should we wear gloves?

No thank you. We would rather you washed your hands well on arrival and sanitized if additionally required.

What about using the straps on the machines?

We have sourced new vinyl wipe-able covers for our existing straps so that if you they can be easily disinfected between clients.

We will also be offering you the opportunity to buy your own straps for feet/hands which you can then bring on each visit for your sole use. These will be £25 per pair and you can take them home to wash in between sessions. (We have bought up the last current stocks in the UK!)



  • The Reception and changing areas have separated seating.
  • We have moved all the Pilates machinery around to give you a clear 2m+ spacing from anyone else.Your instructor will aim to stay outside this 2m boundary too unless your safety is compromised in any position/movement. Each individual studio is a minimum of 16m sq of private space.
  • We will keep as many windows and doors in the studios open to promote a through-flow of air.
  • Sessions will be spaced with 15minute intervals in each room to optimize ventilation.
  • You are allowed to book a family session with up to four of you attending.

Studio safety

  • We will insist that everyone washes their hands thoroughly as soon as entering the building. We will have paper towels and fresh hand towels available for single use before disposal/laundering.
  • We will have hand sanitizers available in each studio.
  • We will encourage you to buy your own straps for the machines which we have available for purchase at £25 a pair until stocks run out! All the straps on the machines now have vinyl wipeable covers.

Cleaning Protocol

Whilst most cleaning products have not been able to go through clinical trials for COVID efficiency, those products which kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses are deemed the safest to use at the moment. We are using Dettox, Zoflora and Aqueous as well as hot soapy water.

Instructors will be responsible for each post-class clean and there are cleaning products available in the toilets if you must use them.

Social Space

Sadly we can’t be a social facility for now. We ask you to arrive no more than five minutes early for your appointment and to leave as soon as your class is finished. Our duty is to exercise you and then have you leave as promptly as possible, even though we love chatting with you!

New Payment protocol

We are heartbroken that we can’t employ our gorgeous Reception staff and will miss them dearly.  Because we will not have admin staff on hand and owing to company restructuring and COVID touch-minimising measures, the instructors will bill you directly for each class/session attendance.

The instructors will either bill you monthly in arrears by BACS for classes you have attended or you will pay by tapping your card on their payment device each time you arrive for class.

You will be billed for straps, Toesox and other small equipment by email for online payment.

Additional Measures

  • We won’t be having any refreshments on offer (although you can grab a cup for some water). Please do consider bringing your own water bottle.
  • We won’t be providing the ‘borrow basket’ for socks so please do bring or purchase your own.
  • Perhaps bring your own towel or mat to use on the machines? (although they will be thoroughly cleaned between clients.)
  • We request that you bring as few items to the studio as possible and arrive and depart in clean workout clothing.

Staying Alert to your Health

It goes without saying that if you are feeling unwell in any shape or form, please do not attend the studio. If you attend the studio and subsequently become ill, please do let us know immediately so that we can adopt a community tracing approach and let others who you (anonymously) may have come into contact with at the studio know too.

Over 70s

Government advice for the over 70s is ‘to stay at home as much as possible and, if you do go out, take particular care to minimize contact with others outside your household’. We understand that you still may want to come in to the studio, particularly if the health benefits from attending your sessions outweigh the risks in coming in.

Clinically Vulnerable

Government advice if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds is that you should remain at and exercise at home. If you would like to join virtual classes or have virtual private sessions but don’t know how to start, do let us know and we will be directly in touch to help you. It’s important that everyone remains fit and healthy!

Individual policies will be modified over time dependent upon the local area risk status as determined by HM Gov.