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imageWe all know (from my insistent teaching!) that if you do your bridges without engaging your abs, adductors, lats and glutes, you are likely to put too much load into your hamstrings and a dreaded cramp may ensue…

And we have been well-versed in keeping hydrated and well-nourished to keep our electrolyte balances in check. G&T anyone?

But if our movement patterns are under control and our biochemistry tip-top then how come we can still be vulnerable to the DCs?

After extensive research on medical forums, I may have an answer- a lack of Vitamin D.

So my fellow England-dwellers, I would suggest a foray to sunny climes. If I were a doctor, I would prescribe you all a holiday. Sadly I’m not.

I might be able to get you a good deal with British Airways though!!

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