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Does the weather affect your posture? Nothing tests a theory like British Summer Time!

It has rained nearly every day for a fortnight here in Cheltenham, albeit with a few bright spells thrown in. And as today is the summer equinox, so we have the most light in our 24 hour day, we ask- has our typical British summer weather (drizzle and sub 20 degrees) been reflected in the way we hold ourselves?weather-productivity-101514-624x451-600x433

Certainly when the weather is colder, we round our shoulders forward more to tuck in on ourselves. This exacerbates kyphotic (curved upper back) tendencies, which are usually already exaggerated by hunching over laptops and tablets/phones. And so we end up with over-lengthened and weak upper back muscles across the shoulders coupled with shortened but still weak neck muscles.

So if we have been soldiering on in our best summer outfits, determined to give them a spin in June, adding a few layers of woolies would do our neck and shoulders a favour.

How about harbouring a sense of gloom as opposed to just feeling cold? Can this affect posture?
Postural expert Dr. Steven Weiniger says ‘Posture and mood are tightly linked. Your body embodies your attitude. Posture is .. important for how you look at life’.

A grouch will slouch, generally speaking. So the disappointment of another rained-off BBQ is likely to filter into the way you hold yourself.

Happily, this correlation between posturRainbowe and mood can be used to good effect. Stand up taller and stretch your arms out wide. You will be shifting your body chemistry, lowering your cortisol and feeling more in control than if you were sat down hunched. Grouch be gone!

And that’s the Pilates effect that you guys feel when you walk out of the studio standing a little taller and feeling that bit more confident and satisfied too.

My advice is to wrap up and keep your chin up! Don’t let the weather affect your posture! Until your next Pilates session at the very least…

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