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Wayne McGregor CBE, resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet, was this week’s guest on Desert Island Discs and if you missed his interview, it started with several hugely insightful comments about how our bodies express who we are.

“When I look at you” said Wayne “I already have a sense of something of your physical signature – of how you are feeling today, of what it might express to me.” And “Bodies are so redolent with meaning…We carry all our personal archive in our bodies”

So what do you say about yourself to other people? What is their instinctive reaction to you within the first few seconds of meeting you or dealing with you on a day-to-day basis?

Well, it is all in the manner that you move and the way that you carry yourself.

And if you are limited by pain or restricted in your movement by inflexibility or lack of strength, your physical signature may very well not match who you actually are or how old you are. Your body may represent a worse version of you.

With a supple body, not only can you present a confident, extroverted personality but you can fool people into thinking you are younger than you are too! Thought for the day!

Listen to the BBC Radio 4 recording of this show here. Learn more about Wayne here.

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