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You are at the heart of what we do…

It’s on days like this (snowy down-time) that we get a chance to reflect on what we do. And we wanted to blow our own trumpet a bit and reiterate that everything we do at One Grove, we do for you. And we’re proud of that.

For starters, we cancel classes when it’s considered unsafe for people to be out and about on the roads. Sure, we lose income for the whole day but we would rather that than put you at risk. Pilates classes are expensive – and we know that you don’t want to battle through bad weather just so you don’t see your money go down the pan. Unlike some of our bed-fellows in town…

Secondly we ensure that all our instructors have pre-planned their classes according to exactly who is going to be in that day. Our software system ensures that we have all your up-to-date health notes at our fingertips so that every single session can take into account your individual needs. No more generic classes – for you, it’s prescriptive.

And most importantly, we keep things small and care about each individual.

Our team will greet you by name, ask after your day and check that you are gaining what you want out of your classes. You aren’t lost in a sea of heads. Equipment & reformer classes are capped at four participants, Mat Pilates classes never have any more than ten people in each and Yoga is a guaranteed eight person max so that your form can be properly guided.

(oh, and we give you free sweets and fruit and tea and coffee…)

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